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I was pleased with the program because it reminded me daily of the commitment I made to remove sugar from my diet. While I was aware of the amount that was in our foods I had never decided to eliminate all of it and see how I felt. It is nice to go through days without that mid-afternoon energy crashes, or feeling like I needed a sugar boost to have a pick me up. I think the greatest benefit will be in the days ahead as I continue this program; why stop something that is good for you?


I just want to thank you for this wonderful site. I have been a type 2 diabetic since 12/2010. I should have done this years ago! I was having the most crazy sweet cravings and of course that made my numbers go nuts! The 6th day on your sugar detox , I stopped taking my meal time insulin! (I was taking 2-4 units before each meal) and I was taking 14 units of my long acting (slow burn) insulin at night prior and now I’m taking 3 units! I feel great, sleep like a baby, skin is clearing up.... I am now almost through Day 11 and I’m excited at all the wonderful changes I have seen. I was surprised by day 8 I had lost 7 pounds, as this was not something I was even thinking about. I will continue eating healthy and incorporating a few items after the 30 days just so I don’t have to make it hard for people to have me over, but now I will choose the foods that don’t trigger me! Thank you so much for sharing this site and I will share it with everyone I know!


The SugarDetoxMe journey was the kick in the pants I needed to get some sugar out of my life. It’s also the right amount of time to experience the benefits long enough to repave some bad habits. I feel like I’m set up for a much healthier relationship with sugar moving forward.

Empowering, Challenging and Energizing!

This was a challenging and ultimately empowering journey for me. I became more in touch with both my body’s needs and my mind’s desires. Most importantly, I am more aware now of where sugar lives and my patterns of consumption. My energy was much more clean and consistent during the last few days of the detox. I admit, I ate a massive donut the second that I could eat sugar again and I honestly didn’t enjoy it. It tasted good (let’s be real), but I am now aware of what that sugar does to my body AND that I already have a ton of sugar pumping through me from naturally occurring sugar in whole fruits. I now know that I don’t need the icing on the cake! Thank you.