How to reduce over half of your sugar intake in 3 simple steps


I had to think twice about writing the subject header because the title itself is an overly reductionist approach to our sugar consumption. It makes us think that, “Hey, this is going to be a breeze!” The reality is that it is easy for the average person to reduce his or her sugar intake by half with a few keystone …


4 Unexpected Benefits of a Sugar Detox

Superfood health food selection in white bowls.

Removing sugar from our diet provides a number of health benefits—but here are four unexpected (non-health) benefits from doing a detox. 


Sugar Detox Snack Box: Interested?

There are dozens of foods that have “saved the crave” on my #SugarDetoxMe journey. I’d love to see if you have sugar-less foods and snacks that you love, and if you’d be interested in getting a snack box delivered to you on your own journey? Leave me a message here on the blog. 


Create a Kick-ass Sugar Detox Meal Map in 5 Easy Steps: Maximize Time, Money & Nutrients!

When doing a sugar detox, you become far more deliberate and methodical when planning meals—partially because you have to. I like to create meal maps, which are basic plans that outline ingredients for recipes and then charts out how those ingredients can be used across multiple meals in order to maximize your use of those ingredients, minimize waste, and help save you money.

Four guaranteed benefits of doing a sugar detox

After doing a successful 30-day sugar detox, I decided to take inventory of the results. Perhaps the most notable outward sign was the weight loss. After a month of removing all types of sugars from my diet, I lost 4 pounds (particularly around my waist, butt and hips), which will likely be of interest to those of you who are looking to …

Something fishy in the water: Navigating the mercury conundrum

Fish have always been upheld as a healthy, low-fat alternative to beef and pork. Many varieties, particularly small and oily fish (e.g., herring, sardines, Atlantic mackerel), are high in omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA, which are essential fats that cannot be synthesized by humans. Read about the 8 Healthiest fish to eat. Though fish intake has leveled out …

Guide to eating at a sushi restaurant

I’ve been cooking a lot at my house but was craving a little sushi, so decided to grab some sashimi at a local restaurant last night. Given that we’re on a fish research binge here at, I wanted to help highlight the healthiest sushi to eat below. BEST CHOICES: Akagai (ark shell) Hamaguri (clam) Ika (squid) Ikura (salmon roe) …

The 8 healthiest fish to eat

It’s more likely that you’ll see sardines or herring on a menu passing through the Adriatic coast of Italy than you would even at the finest seafood restaurants in San Francisco or New York. Though American palates tend to stay away from fish that well…taste fishy…it is generally those stinky swimmers that are the highest in omega-3s and lowest in …

How to make fish stock using the “icky bits”

When we go to a supermarket and scan the fish aisle, we have a tendency to go straight for the choice filets – completely bypassing the most nutritious parts of the fish, which include the bones, tail and head–otherwise known as  the “icky bits”. We’ve become a culture so disconnected with our food that we’ve forgotten what is good for us.  …

Girl power dinner: Maureen, Jennifer, Robin and Heather

I’ve always been what you can describe as a “guy’s girl,” so I often find myself palling around with a lot of male counterparts. My lady friends, as I recounted to my other amiga a few weeks ago, are often out being awesome and dynamic – traveling the world and doing the things that they are most passionate about. It’s …