Sugar Detox Snack Box: Interested?

Out of the 600,000 food products being sold across the nation, over 80% percent of them have added sugar. If that doesn’t make your bristle, then I don’t know what else will! So why not support the brands that are doing the healthy thing, which is keeping our foods naturally delicious and nutritious?

I’d love to hear from you as to whether you have favorite sugar-less snacks that you like to munch on—and if you would find it useful / beneficial to have those snacks delivered to you while on your sugar detox journey? I know if I didn’t have my go-to goodies when I hit my 3PM slump, I would have not made it through—but would love to hear from you!

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    1. Thanks for letting me know Whitney. If you feel comfortable sharing a price range, please let me know. It’ll help determine what goes into it! xx

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