Affiliate Program

If you’re a blogger, Instagrammer, or just all around health and wellness evangelist and have done one of our SugarDetoxMe Programs, then you might want to consider becoming an Affiliate.

How the Affiliate Program Works

If you’ve taken one of the SugarDetoxMe Programs, loved it, and already find yourself recommending the program to others, then why not consider being a SugarDetoxMe Affiliate and make some extra cash on the side?

Here’s how the program works:

  • Get Your Own Unique URL

    Each confirmed affiliate will get a unique URL link to send people to the site. This unique URL tracks purchases made.

  • Access Your Affiliate Starter Pack

    Once you’re accepted as an Affiliate, we’ll give you an Affiliate Starter Pack that gives you simple but powerful ideas to amplify your reach out to your network.

  • Share Your Story and Your Unique URL

    Affiliates can share the link in their emails, on their blog, and social media feeds (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We want these to be genuine, so be sure to share your own experience or story about the program.

  • Earn Your Commission

    Each Affiliate can earn up to 20 percent (20%) commission on the referred program. If Affiliate sells 1-100 programs with each individual unique url, then they earn 10% commission; 101-500 programs, then they earn 15% commission; and 501+ programs, then they earn 20% commission.

  • Get Paid

    Affiliates are automatically paid 30 days after the end of the month in which sales are made.

  • Learn What Works as You Go

    We’ll hold an online Affiliate Workshop every year to review affiliates’ performances and to learn from one another, including best methods and tactics to get the word out.

This program is perfect for those who care about health and wellness and are active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—and bloggers or Youtubers who have devoted readers or viewers, respectively.

Contact us if you’d like to participate.