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SugarDetox.me provides both
10-day and 30-day guided Sugar Detox Programs.

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Three Things to Know About Our SugarDetoxMe Programs

  • 10-Day vs. 30-Day Sugar Detox

    The 10-Day Sugar Detox is an introductory cleanse to help give you a sense of what a sugar detox is like. The 30-Day Sugar Detox Program comprises of the full cleanse. Both programs remove free sugars out of one’s diet gradually.

  • The Prep Week

    All of our SugarDetoxMe Programs start with a “Prep Week”, which are seven days of guidance to help you prepare for your 10-Day or 30-Day Sugar Detox journey. The Prep Week takes you through our 10 Steps to a Sugar Detox, and is highly recommended for the success of the program. Please reserve around 20 minutes / day for each lesson during the Prep Week.

  • Automagically Start the Program!

    Once you purchase a program, the Prep Week automatically begins and you won’t be able to pause it, so make sure you’re prepared to start! This ensures you stick to the program and that you get your content right on time. Good news is that you’ll have access to your program for two months after completion of program.

10-day Our Introductory Program to get you acclimated to a sugar cleanse


Prep Week + 10-Day Introductory Cleanse
  • 18 days of audio, visual and text-based content, including a “Prep Week”, designed to help guide you through an introductory sugar cleanse
  • Shopping list
  • 1 Meal Map
  • 12 Regular informative, motivational emails
  • Access to exclusive videos
  • Access to Community Discussion Groups
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30-Day + Enjoy the benefits of a full sugar detox plus a personal coach.


Prep Week, Full Month Cleanse + Personal Coach
  • 38 days of audio, visual and text-based content, including a “Prep Week”, designed to help guide you through a full sugar cleanse
  • Shopping list
  • 2 Meal Maps
  • 20 Regular informative, motivational emails
  • Access to more exclusive videos, recipes and content
  • Access to Community Discussion Groups
  • Personal coach includes 1 15-min introductory call and 2 30-min scheduled phone sessions.
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What You Get

Here’s what you can expect from SugarDetoxMe’s 10-Day and 30-Day Sugar Deotx Programs


Fresh, informative content to help guide you on your sugar cleanse


Supportive discussion groups that will help guide you and answer any questions that you may have


Delicious recipes including Meal Maps, which includes Shopping Lists and Meal Plans

Interested in a Group Cleanse?

Eating well is most successful when you have a supportive community.

Are you part of an office, church, fitness studio, or organization with 15 or more people? Doing our Sugar Detox Program together can be fun—and an incredible team builder! Inquire about our group discounts and our personal SugarDetoxMe Office Detox ( see below ). Just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

The SugarDetoxMe Office Detox is an all inclusive or à la carte program, offering a supportive and interactive component to your company’s health and wellness program. This includes the following:


Your office will get a discounted group rate for either the 10-Day or 30-Day Sugar Detox.


One of SugarDetoxMe’s health professionals will lead a workshop for your employees.


We’ll analyze your office set-up and policies and suggest improvements to promote health.


We’ll suggest healthier, sugar-free snacks, food and catering options for your office.

Are you ready to take back your health?